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Photo of Sandy with Workshop Students

Sandy (second from right) with some of her workshop students

Are you interested in learning more about watercolor or colored pencil? Some of Sandy's two-day workshops are listed below.
For more information about workshops, please email Sandy at:

Realism Workshop
Learn how to liven up your paintings

Realism and Drama with Watercolor

Bring your watercolor paintings to life!

Learn how to use contrast and intense color to add interest and flair to your watercolor paintings. Discover techniques to increase your precison and control of the watercolor medium. Learn how masking, glazing, lifting, and dry brush techinques give depth to your painting and make your subject more realistic. Gain insight into setting up your composition to make your painting more interesting and dramatic.

Paint a hummingbird during this workshop. Sandy will provide you with a reference photo and will demo each step of the painting process. The workshop is "hands on", emphasizing time for you to practice each step between the demonstrations.

Colored Pencil Close UP
Learn colored pencil techniques

Exploring Colored Pencil

Wow, THAT’S colored pencil!? Discover how colored pencil is used to create fine art quality paintings.

Learn how to apply, layer, blend, and burnish colored pencil to create rich and vivid colors. Expore techniques for creating depth, texture, and realistically rendered surfaces. Experience painting with colored pencil on both paper and on Mylar and gain insight into how this versitile and exciting medium can be used on a variety of surfaces besides just white paper!

Sandy will provide you with a reference photo and will demo each step of the painting process. This workshop, designed for all levels of artists, is "hands on" and will emphasize time for you to practice each step between the demonstrations.

Watercolor Textures
Create texture using watercolor

Creating Realistic Textures and Surfaces with Watercolor

Expore techniques for painting rich texture and realistically rendered surfaces using watercolor paints. Learn how to use glazing, lifting, masking, spattering, and dry brushing to portray surfaces like wood and rust. Discover how saturated color, strong contrast, and the use of opaque paint can make your watercolor paintings more dynamic and interesting.

Sandy will demonstrate all of the techniques listed above and will guide you through their use as you create a beautiful painting of wooden bird houses. She will provide you with a reference photo and will assist you through each step of the painting process.

Painting Shiny Surfaces
Learn to create dramatic shine

Realistic Shiny Surfaces with Colored Pencil

Have you ever been “wowed” by the dramatic reflections, sparkle and shine of glass, metal, or other smooth surfaces in a painting?

Discover how high contrast and bright color are used to create shine. Learn how sharp edges and softly blended color are used to paint the interesting reflections you see in clear glass objects. Gain skill in portraying the reflective surfaces of smooth, waxy fruit.

In this workshop you will use colored pencils to create a beautiful painting of a shiny wine glass and glossy grapes. You will gain experience using colored pencil as a fine art medium while practicing techniques that can be applied to other art mediums as well.

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